Regenerative Medicine

Among the newest therapies available, regenerative medicine offers the possibility of helping the body to heal and control chronic injuries and arthritic pain. These therapies are less invasive than surgery and can often offer significant results. We currently offer:


Cellular Therapy Treatment allows your body to use its own stem cells to help heal your injuries. Kinetix Cellular Therapy Treatments painlessly relocate stem cells from stem cell-rich areas of your body to the damaged area, so that you can heal naturally. Kinetix can deliver cellular therapy in two ways; BMAC-bone marrow aspirate concentrate (pulling the stem cells from a patient’s bone marrow) or a through an MSC-Rich adipose graft (taking stem cells from a patient’s fat deposits). These procedures offer a much less invasive option than surgery and can require significantly less downtime from activity and work. As with all of our treatments, we are happy to discuss when patients are candidates for cellular therapy treatment, and discuss other options if they are not appropriate candidates.


Like Cellular Therapy Treatment, PRP is delivered by injection, but instead of stem cells, your own plasma is used and reinjected into the affected joint, tendon, muscle or ligament. Plasma is the largest component of your blood and contains platelets which are used by your body in healing. A small amount of your whole blood is collected and then separated into plasma and other components. Through centrifugation, the concentration of platelets in the plasma is increased significantly. This Platelet Rich Plasma is then reinjected into the affected area.